Simple Intermittent Fasting

21 day guide to fasting

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Welcome to our 21 day journey to Intermittent Fasting!
I have become a Certified Intermittent Fasting Coach who is going to walk you through 21 days of basic Intermittent fasting skills. I was certified by Brian Gryn who owns He has been a health coach and trainer for over 10 years.
I will be using his program and journal to walk you through your personal fasting journey.
Not only will you be walking through this journey, but I'll be walking through it with you! I never take clients where I am not willing to walk. There are so many benefits to Intermittent Fasting that go beyond weight loss! Get ready for an amazing 21 days!

Your Instructor

Monica Boyer
Monica Boyer

My name is Monica Boyer. I'm a certified Ketogenic coach. I've lost over 100 lbs on my Ketogenic journey. My transforming story began June 12, 2017 at the weight of 232 lbs, and and I've never looked back. It has become my PASSION to see you take back your life and live again. There is HOPE! This lifestyle transforms a person from the inside....out!

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